Tibetan Monk Lucky Bracelets: The History, Meaning & Benefits

Have you even seen these red braided bracelets that Tibetan monks wear?
These bracelets are handmade with very much attention to detail by the monks and they are very important to them.

Well, today we're going to find out what are these bracelets, their history & their importance to the monks (and maybe for you also)...


The Lucky String Bracelet is said to have originated in the ancient Asian cultures. But many theories and scriptures suggest that the string bracelet was a common practice in Hinduism

The strands of holy cotton in red were used in Japa or mounted with beads for spiritual practices. Moreover, some theories mention Jewish Kabbalah to have introduced this tradition.

In Buddhism, the tradition of Lucky String Bracelets began in Laos 500 year ago during the “Baci ceremony”. In Lao culture, Mor phon(an elder monk) invited guests and made them sit around the Basi centerpiece. 
Later, Mor phon performed a ritual where a long chain of cotton threads was tied to their wrists connecting each guest with the centerpiece followed by mantra recitation.


The Buddhist string bracelet means having a personal instrument of luck & protection. It brings back the lost faith and makes you believe that you’re not alone.

These bracelets are purely handmade by Buddhist Oracles. While making knots, they repetitively recite mantras for the goodwill of the wearer. These monks are quite rare and you are fortunate enough to have one of these bracelets tied to your wrists.

The bracelets are not meant to simply rest on your wrists. It’s a guiding light in the form of a string bracelet that holds infinite wisdom and blessings of enlightened gurus. Every challenge you take, you’ll achieve the state that directs your mind towards success.

Common in every religion, string bracelets are a means to unite yourself with the universal consciousness. For the protection of a newborn and a grownup kid who’s ready to face the challenges of life. It’s equally special for an ambitious professional and a traveler for a safe journey.


Mantra is a science of using sacred syllables that instills a profound sense of calm. While chanting, the rhythmic vibration so created acts as a force within you. It heals the life force energy, also called Prana. In simple terms, the mantra is daily fodder for mind and soul, just like your body needs food to keep vital functions active.
It is derived from the Sanskrit language that means manas (mind) and tra (tool or vehicle) – that means “transportation of the mind”. And when you spell certain words repetitively, it produces a sound that proves its existential reality, in a universal context. The state of your mind and body changes and is transported to a deeper level of awareness.
For instance, when you chant the mantra Om mani padme hum (which means “Jewel of the Lotus”), you’re drifted towards Buddha. Although the very foundation of mantra is found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, many other religions too have their unique practices. But eventually, the purpose is the same – to evoke tranquility and wholeness


You’ll start feeling more safe and sound when you’ve got a bracelet wrapped around your wrist.
According to many cultures, the curses intentionally directed towards you may bring you misfortune. And life’s uncertainty instills insecurity and anxiety in you. 

Butnever let these dangers instill the feeling of anxiety in your life.
All you require is the key to unlock your true source of inner power. Now you can evoke the mystical energy that sits within you with the blessings of Tibetan Oracles. Your true companion that commits you life-long protection.
Moreover, to have a deeper impact, we suggest you develop the habit of mantra recitation. Practicing mantras induces vibration that sinks deeper into you and makes you feel the energy building up.

We'll get into more details in a future blog, but generally mantras bring you some of following protection benefits: 
  • Reduces the feeling of grudge and ill thoughts.
  • Pulls wandering mind back to the present.
  • Reconciles with past memories.
  • Protects from untoward incidents like accidents.
  • Cleanses aura that fends off a curse or ill forces.
Still hard to believe? 
Do yourself a favor, start your day with mantras and feel the difference.


As we can see, the history & the meaning of these bracelets goes a very long way as well as their healing benefits. There are a lot more to be said, but we're going to save it for next time :)

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By: Lora  

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