The Spiritual Meaning Of Fall Equinox

Beautiful and nostalgic,  Fall is a deeply spiritual season, with many symbolisms and meanings. Change and transformation fill the air as leaves change colors and fall to the ground below. The red, orange, and yellow foliage is there to remind us that change can be scary but it is also a beautiful thing.

The Autumn Equinox is a meaningful time of year to honor the harvest. Whether that be a "real" harvest of the things planted in your garden or the harvest of efforts and intentions for your life path that you set earlier in the year...


Indigenous cultures recognized earth-based wisdom and understood that the four focal points of the year: the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox; illuminated stages of an inner spiritual journey – a spiritual cycle that the individual takes within themselves.
The autumn equinox arrives on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The word “equinox” comes from Latin and means “equal night,” referring to the roughly 12-hour day and 12-hour night that occurs only on the two equinox days of the year. On the equinox we honor the light and the dark, and may feel gratitude for the changes that come with the passing of time.

The Spiritual Symbolism Of Fall

Spiritually speaking, fall represents the Harvest time of year, a time to acknowledge growth and expansion as a natural evolution of being. Our lives go through cycles of growth, harvest, death, and rebirth just as we see in nature.
Fall represents a time for transformations both personal and environmental. The temperatures drop, leaves fall, and your wardrobe is dominated by clothing that will keep you warm. It is the favorite season for those that love cooler weather, boots, and Halloween. A season drenched in tradition, Fall is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change. We leave the Summer heat behind and the blooming flowers are replaced by crisp leaves.

Take a cue from the spiritual and use this season to help you find the balance, answers, and spiritual growth you need.

The Season of Spiritual Growth

Fall is the time of year that we set up our internal space and make room for what’s to come in the next year. We create room for our greater visions to grow, by allowing the empty space and silence to take hold of our internal spaces. 

This is the time of year to go within and empty out space, composting our old ideas and using the energy they hold to make new and fertile soil for new creativity and matured visions.


The changing seasons are key points in the cycle of life in nature, and the period of Fall is definitely one of the most significant spiritual seasonsThe significance of the Autumnal Equinox for the person walking the spiritual path is the time of year where we activate our new cycle of growth. As we become silent and rest we are allowing space for our greater vision to emerge.

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