How To Turn Quarantine Into A Spiritual Practice

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we all are forced to self-quarantine ourselves at our houses. And at such a time, we can either sit at home and cry about it or we can use it to our advantage and make the most of this free time. We can utilise the self-quarantine period to go further in your spiritual journey and grow spiritually while self-isolating.

So, we propose that you begin your spiritual practice during this period and we will help you do the same. Here are 8 tips that will help you start, improve and boost your spiritual journey.


In several spiritual traditions, masters have suggested that a person must go into self-isolation and live alone to go further in their spiritual journey. 

Those who have read about different spiritual paths must know that lamas and nuns go into years-long retreat in caves or abandoned houses
In Buddhism, retreats play a central part in one's spiritual growth. And by reading about Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, who is the author of the book Cave in the Snow, we can understand how self-isolation or the self-quarantine period can help you accelerate on your spiritual path.

Here are 8 ways you can spiritually benefit from the lockdown and self-quarantine period.

1. Listen to the teachings of spiritual teachers

Start your morning by listening to a spiritual master's teaching. Introspect and learn from the teachings and witness the inner change taking place. On YouTube, a search can get you thousands of thought-provoking videos. So, type the letters and play the videos...

2. Read books that trigger your inspiration

Pick up the books that you have been wanting to read from the longest. And begin a reading marathon and travel through time through letters and words. Gain knowledge and discover things you didn't know.

3. Cook your own food & clean your room

We can meditate while doing any mundane act and if you have been to a retreat you would know that people are asked to do their own laundry, clean clothes or do a Karma job (chores). And it's part of one's spiritual practice. So, during the self-quarantine time, cook your food, clean your room or do any house chore while being mindful. It will help you focus your mind and be more self-aware.

4. Work on eliminating useless mind chatter & negative thought patterns

We won't blame you if you are having bad thoughts as we all living in a world that is full of suffering and pain. So, having negative thoughts and harmful mind chatter is common. During the self-isolation period, you should give extra attention to what's going on inside your mind. 
The best way to do this is by actively checking your thoughts, making a note of the same and using positive affirmations to change thought pattern.

5. Do good Karma & Deeds

Do small good deeds and add to the jar of your good karma. Feed animals that you see around your house or make small donations. Save water, electricity or other resources. And cut back on waste. Live a life that is closer to nature.

6. Take a Vow to stay silent

In retreats, people are advised to stay silent so that they don't waste energy on talking and they divert all their energies for inner transformation. So take a vow to pass the self-quarantine days in silence. Even though it might seem difficult, the results are worth making the effort.

7. Start Meditation practice at home

Meditation helps you become less ignorant, more self-aware, and it brings you closer to yourself, it unties knots of doubt and ignorance and it helps you go further in your spiritual journey. So, what better time to start meditating than now. 

8. Chant Mantras & recite Prayers

Chanting mantras and reciting prayers helps surmount psychological disturbances and senseless rage. Mantras train the mind to become more adaptable and less vulnerable. In preliminary stages of spiritual practice, practitioners are supposed to recite mantras thousand or hundred thousand times as it trains our mind for more complex practises.


We hope this simple guide inspired you to make more of this odd quarantine situation we are all part of at this moment. We know changing habits and mindset is hard, but it is more than worth it when you witness the results.

Until the next time, have a peaceful day :)

By: Eva 

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