What Does Buddha Jewelry Really Mean? (Meaning, Uses & Benefits)

The teachings of Buddha have touched and defined various aspects of human life in a deep and profound manner

As global interest in Buddha is growing at a rapid pace in this age of change, its symbol is making strong waves into every aspect of human life and collective consciousness.  The most popular use of Buddha symbol these days is in the form of Buddha jewelry, as well as other ornaments. This type of item symbolism has become the way of creating a reminder in our life to practice the spiritual teachings and qualities that Buddha represents.

 Let’s take a deep dive into the real meaning of wearing different types of Buddha jewelry and ornaments.


Wearing a Bracelet

According to spiritual beliefs, wearing a Buddha bracelet brings awareness of the supreme or divine power of this universe. It helps the wearer to stay connected with the positive vibes of nature and divine by attracting all positive energies towards the core of his heart and mind. It also makes the mind of the wearer more active and confident by eradicating all negative energies away from it.

Wearing a Pendant

Wearing a Buddha pendant around your neck brings the positives waves emitted by the supreme in the environment. According to a belief of ancient Buddhist culture and teachings, our environment is filled with profound energy that we simply cannot see. If our mind, body, and soul get connected with this divine energy flowing everywhere around us then we can quickly attain the highest form of enlightenment. This attraction of energy can be magnified by wearing a Buddha pendant around the neck.

Wearing a Ring

Wearing a Buddha or Feng Shui ring on the ring finger is an ancient and traditional practice of Buddhist culture. This is because the veins of our ring finger are attached to our heart directly. These rings are believed to create pressure on the ring finger and eliminate all obstacles of negative energy, while attracting good luck.

Lotus Jewelry

Another great symbol associated with the healing spiritual world of Buddha is Lotus. Lotus is the most beautiful flower bestowed by nature on us which is represented as a symbol of eternal beauty, purity, and rebirth. It gives a profound significance of majestic transformation by bringing qualities of wisdom, compassion, and love. Wearing lotus jewelry is believed to bring all those great qualities into the heart and mind of a wearer.

Buddha Home Ornaments

It is believed in the Buddhist world that chanting or praying in front of the Buddha statue gives one some sort of inner satisfaction which in turn gives peace to the mind, heart and soul

A Buddha statue triggers and reminds one of his or her vows to preserver his or her spiritual as well as meditation practice. 
The followers of Buddhism have a strong belief about a Buddha statue as the most important source of communicating self-discipline and peace of mind, while others just love having these lovely home ornaments in their home, either to make them more relaxed or happier!


While materialism is usually not associated with spirituality, physical manifestations of Buddha tend to add different benefits for different people's lives. Either for Buddhist devotees, it's the deeper meaning and symbol of Buddha or for other people it's just a relaxing figure to have at home, the choices are endless!

If you want your own Buddha experience— either a bracelet, a pendant, a ring or maybe a buddha home figure
then these items might be for you:

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